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Which dental filling should you use for a large cavity? Often, cavities form before we can feel their effects, thus making it too late to keep them from occurring. However, with dental fillings such as dental composites and dental amalgams, cavities can be treated and eradicated.

Listed below are a few tremendous benefits that dental fillings can provide for your smile:

– If you are searching for a natural-looking filling, composites are the better choice, as dental composites can be color-matched to your teeth for a more natural look.
– If a dental amalgam becomes damaged it will need to be removed before it is replaced, but with composites, the original filling can be repaired and refurbished many times over.
– For large cavities, dental amalgams have a tendency to work best, and for smaller cavities, dental composites can work wonders.
– Mercury is used to bind the metals used in dental amalgams. Due to its controversial nature, some would prefer to keep away from the use of mercury, and instead, go with dental composites for their fillings, as they are mercury-free.

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