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One of the most serious oral health illnesses you can have is oral cancer. Many of us know the fears behind cancer and with good reason. Although there are many habits and causes that can increase your risk for oral cancer, it can attack at any age at any time. In America alone, over 40,000 people are diagnosed with the malady every year. As with many cancers, survival may hinge on finding the disease early.

– Do you notice any changes to the alignment of your smile? Is it difficult to open or close your jaw?
– Have you been having any difficulty talking or eating?
– Do you have any unexplained rashes or spots on your tongue or in and around your mouth?
– Do you experience sores that have lasted for longer than two weeks?
– Did you recently lose a drastic amount of weight with no real explanation?
– Do you have a sore throat that won’t seem to go away?
– Are you bleeding in your mouth often?
– Do you have any discolorations on your gum line?
– Do you ever experience any numbness in your mouth?

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