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Do you experience any symptoms associated with bruxism? Bruxism is an oral health disorder commonly associated with the grinding and clenching of your teeth. Unfortunately, because most cases of bruxism occur when you are asleep, you may be unaware of it while it is occurring. However, there are plenty of signs and symptoms to watch for.

Have you ever been told that you snore or grind your teeth loudly while you sleep? If so, you may be heavily grinding your teeth due to bruxism.  The symptoms you display when you wake up could also be an indicator.

Do you often wake up with a sore jaw or increased tooth sensitivity? Has your mouth struggled to fully open and close after waking up? You may be suffering from another condition such as a TMJ disorder which can oftentimes be linked to bruxism. If you have any damage to the insides of your cheeks after waking, or your teeth are beginning to look dull and flat, you may have bruxism.

Speak with one of our skilled dentists for a diagnosis and treatment options as soon as possible. If you have bruxism, we offer custom night guards made to fit your smile comfortably to protect your smile while you sleep.

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