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We have heard some fascinating stories about the many ways people crack or fracture their teeth. Everything under the sun from playground accidents, to biting into something that turned out to be as hard as rock. One young man in a wave pool at the water park was slammed down teeth-first on the cement beach. Another woman took a hard bite into a tootsie roll that ended up being solidly petrified. It happens.

Then there are the cases where a cracked tooth goes unnoticed until the patient is alerted by a bite into cold ice cream or a sip of hot cocoa. There is a condition known as bruxism that makes people grind their teeth at night. Pressure exerted on the back teeth with just normal chewing can cause cracks, and the molars are the teeth most likely to have them. Many adults have tiny fractures of their tooth enamel without knowing.

Treatment for cracked teeth ranges by severity. The above mentioned enamel cracks can be cured with a simple tooth polishing treatment. More serious cracks are fixed in one of these ways:

-Bonding: Applying a bonding material (resin) is a quick fix for minor cracks and chips.
-Crown: A porcelain covering over the tooth. This is for teeth that are still viable but must be ground down..
-Root Canal Therapy: When cleaning out the tooth pulp and root is needed due to decay and infection.
-Removal of the Tooth: Extraction may be required as a last resort if the tooth is compromised beyond saving. In this case a bridge or implant may replace the tooth.

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