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Children of all ages can sometimes be accident prone. Sometimes a slip and fall, play accident, or sports event can cause a blow to their face. In times like this, some basic first-aid can help manage the pain, and assess the need for emergency treatment. To better help you treat childhood oral trauma our experienced dentists offers some basic insights.

Depending on the age and disposition of the child, your emotional state can also be a factor. Even if their mouth is bleeding and they are distressed, you still need to project a calm and confident demeanor.

Assessing the severity of the problem is important. A gentle rinse with lukewarm saltwater can help clear blood and unwanted debris from inside their mouth. It might also soothe the wounded soft tissues. Any blood on their face can be gently wiped away with a wet, warm washcloth. 

You should then look in their mouth to examine the state of their cheek, gums, tongue, teeth, and inner lip. If soft tissues are starting to swell you can apply a cold compress or a bag of frozen vegetables. If you believe the problem requires professional treatment and you further need to control any bleeding, you can pack the area with a little sterile gauze. Then you can make your way to the Emergency Room or a nearby Urgent Care clinic.

If you live in the , Washington, area and you need further first-aid advice or treatment for a child that has suffered an oral injury, you can call 1-800-823-0830 to speak to a staff specialist at Washington Dental Group. We are happy to schedule an appointment for you with one of our dentists a location nearest you!