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Oral health care for infants should be a top priority for new parents. If an infant’s mouth is infected or has issues, the rest of her body can be affected. It is important to protect your child baby bottle tooth decay. For more information about baby bottle tooth decay, see below:

– Even though it may assist in helping your child to drink from their bottle, do not cover a bottle top or a pacifier with any form of sugary substance, including honey.
– A child’s mouth is very susceptible to baby bottle tooth decay from drinks such as sodas, juices, sugar water, and sports drinks.
– You can unknowingly promote tooth decay in your child by accidentally introducing them to new bacteria from your mouth by using the same toothbrush or cleaning their bottle tops with your mouth. It’s recommended to wash every product before giving it to your child, and under no circumstances should anyone share a toothbrush.
– The liquid from a drink can pool in your child’s mouth as they sleep and cause baby bottle tooth decay, so do not let your child sleep with the bottle during nap time.If you do give your child a bottle when you put them down for a nap or at bedtime, give them water in their bottle.
– Baby bottle tooth decay can begin to take effect as soon as the first tooth in your child’s mouth appears, which often occurs around six months of age.

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