As part of our commitment to your oral health, Washington Dental Group provides metal-free dentistry for patients who are concerned about the side effect and health risks of certain metals. Please call us today to learn more about metal-free dentistry in Washington and to schedule an appointment with our dental professionals.

Metal-free dentistry is an alternative to traditional treatments that may involve allows or other metals to restore your teeth. The most common restorative treatment that may involve metal is a dental filling. At Washington Dental Group, we provide composite, or tooth-colored, fillings as an alternative to traditional amalgam dental fillings. Amalgam, or silver, fillings can contain mercury, which can harm your health, and the metal may expand or contact when exposed to heat or cold. Over time, this weakens the tooth.

Composite fillings, on the other hand, contain no harmful substances, match the color of your natural teeth (and do not change color over time!), and work to stabilize and strengthen your tooth and tooth structure. They also reduce tooth sensitivity and can enhance the appearance of your smile.

We welcome you to contact our office today to learn more about metal-free dentistry and to make your appointment with one of our dentists.