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Some minor dental issues like chipped teeth can possibly be repaired by dental bonding. If you wonder how it is placed on your teeth, we go over the process for you.

The process is fairly simple compared to other treatments. We start by preparing the bonding, which is a special tooth-colored material called composite resin. One of the nice things about the resin is that it can be made into the different shades of white. Our dentist, Dr. Yong Park, identifies your particular shade so the resin does not stand out on your teeth.

The dentist may then give the areas the bonding will be placed a tad rougher, not by a whole lot though. Composite resin has an easier time sticking to rougher surfaces, so it can be more likely to stay with you this way.

After that, the tooth or teeth should be ready for the bonding. The dentist places it over the target area or areas and hardens it by shining an ultraviolet light over it.

The bonding may need to be sculpted. The dentist can carefully craft it so it is shaped much like your natural teeth. Once that is done, you can have a dashing new smile to show to the world.

We offer bonding and other such services here at Washington Dental Group in Washington state. If your teeth are in need of a bit of restoration, we can help you get them back into shape. If you would like to set up a visit with us, you are welcome to call 1-800-823-0830.