Yong Park, DDS

Dr. Yong Park graduated from Loma Linda, University of CA, in 2001. With enthusiasm and growth of his skills, Dr. Park started practicing right away and opened Federal Way Dental in 2002. The demands of his loving patients grew daily, so he extended his service to more locations in Washington state. By 2015, he was seeing patients from 5 locations.

Dr. Park doesn’t seek convenience of his own. Patients are the only ones that matter, not otherwise around.

With more than 10 highly educated doctors and more than 30 fully trained staff members from all locations, Dr. Park is the leader of our excellent dental team.

Peter Lee, DDS
Dr. Peter Lee graduated with business major in UCLA Undergraduate. After graduation, he went to Dental School at UCLA and found a great interest in orthodontic to pursue the orthodontic residency. Dr. Lee also has a master degree in oral biology and continues to get education on broad field of dentistry whenever he can. He believes the importance of following the modern technology and knowledge of dentistry.

Dr. Lee is a member of American Association of Orthodontists, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, and California Dental Association. He practices both in California and Washington to fulfill his patients’ need and satisfaction. He finds a great joy in giving the bright smile that patients always wanted.