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Are you taking the steps necessary to prepare your house and your life for post-extraction recovery? Is your homestead prepared to suit your recovery needs? If not, it would be wise to set a plan in place to ensure the greatest chance for success with the minimal amount of recovery time. The more you can do to prepare yourself, the sooner you will be healed up. This includes removing all bad habits from your life that can hinder the progress of a tooth extraction, which includes smoking and chewing tobacco.

Also, make an effort to avoid the gym for as long as necessary until your mouth heals up. In addition, get plenty of rest, and avoid strenuous exercise. If you have any medications, take them exactly as your dentist has instructed.

If any complications should come about, be sure to let your dentist know about them. Although swelling is common, if it continues it should be addressed by your dentist. If you have taken any anesthetics during the surgery, make sure it has completely worn off before consuming any foods or beverages, as choking can occur.

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