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Although winter seems so far away, it’s quickly approaching, whether you like it or not. Before it arrives, our dentist, Dr. Yong Park, and dental team want to help you know how to take good care of your smile during winter activities. That way you’re prepared for the season.

First, wear a mouth guard. There are a lot of activities that can injure your smile, like skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. This is because if you fall or run into something, your mouth could get hit and damaged, resulting in loose, lost, or cracked teeth. So, please wear a mouthguard while you have fun in the snow.

Second, try to avoid blows to the face as much as possible. This might be a hard task for certain activities, but it can help your smile more than you might realize. So, do your best to keep from any accidents, like falling down or hitting a tree, person, or object.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how to protect your smile in Federal Way, Everett, Lynnwood, Kirkland, Bellevue, or University Place-Tacoma, WA, please reach out to our dental team at Washington Dental Group. When you dial 1-800-823-0830, we will be thrilled to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to hearing from you!