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To successfully qualify for certain dental procedures, you need to have healthy gums. Wearing braces, or removable aligners depend on healthy gums, as do dental implants, bridges, and partials, not to mention the cosmetic enhancements of teeth whitening and dental veneers. And the problem is, gum disease today affects almost half of the adults over 30 in our country.
Today we are going to look at seven causes of gum disease and what you can do to mitigate it.

#1 Dental Plaque

Plaque is that thick bacterial film you can feel on your teeth and gums. To prevent plaque from causing gum disease, brush, and floss every single day. This one single habit is vital to healthy teeth and gums.

#2 Diet

A balanced diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C will help keep your oral tissues healthy.

#3 Smoking

Unfortunately, smoking upsets the function of gum tissue cells, making them more susceptible to infections, such as gum disease. This one factor is very much in your control. If you smoke, enlist in a smoking cessation program and quit! Your lungs and mouth will thank you.

#4 Hormones

This applies to women and girls, but the ebb and flow of hormones during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, etc. can make the gums vulnerable to gum disease. During these times, stay on top of your oral hygiene routine and stay hydrated.

#5 Misaligned Teeth

When the teeth are crooked or overlap they are difficult to clean properly, which contribute to gum disease. If you have misaligned teeth, pay extra attention to cleaning the affected areas daily.

#6 Medications

Some side effects include reduced saliva production, which allows oral bacteria to spread. Consider switching medications, and stay well hydrated.

#7 Genetics

Your family tree can impact your oral health if you have family members who have had gum disease. Maintain good oral hygiene habits and see your dentist regularly.

To prevent gum disease, brush and floss twice a day, eat a balanced diet, and see your dentist every six months unless advised otherwise. To schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Yong Park, please call Washington Dental Group in Washington, at 1-800-823-0830 today.